Philips Brilliance 27-Inch 4K Monitor With USB Type-C Docking Hub, Adds Ethernet Capabilities

Evan Federowicz
Philips Brilliance 27Inch

Philips just released the Philips Brilliance 27" monitor, which is a 4K monitor with a USB-C docking hub attached to the monitor itself. This docking hub not only connects the monitor to your laptop/notebook, The monitor pass-through charges you Laptop / Notebook and also if you plug an Ethernet into the monitor will allow for Ethernet pass-through to your device.

Philips Brilliance 27-Inch 4K Monitor With USB Type-C Docking Hub

This amazing feature allows you to use a single cable to connect to the internet, charge and with the USB ports on the back of the monitor, you would be able to transfer data through the monitor into the device that is connected. The RJ-45 Ethernet jack allows for secure internet data transfer.

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Another feature that is amazing, is the PowerSensor so the monitor itself shoots out harmless infrared waves to see if the user is still sitting at the monitor. If the Infrared comes back saying that no one is there the monitor will actually lower its brightness to save power (thus saving the user money) and extending the monitors life span.

Now the specs of Philips Brilliance no slouch, It has an UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 ) this makes an amazing image on the monitor, with the IPS technology, making the monitor viewable from almost any angle.

Some specs of the monitor that are worth notice are the LowBlue Mode, this lowers the blue light emitted by the monitor. Blue light causes eye strain and eye damage over long periods of time, on the subject of eye strain the other amazing feature is the Flicker-Free technology, due to the back-light on some LCD monitors some users report flickers which can cause eye fatigue, this monitor has a new solution which should completely resolve the flickering issue some users report on other LCD monitors.

For the price of $319.00 on Amazon (Original Price of $349.00), this monitor is worth every penny from the 4K resolution to the pass-through which would allow a single cord to connect and take advantage of all the features that this monitor brings to the table. This monitor is amazing but more focused on people who use Laptops / Netbooks and not towards desktop users.

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