Phil Spencer “We knew what DirectX 12 was doing when we built Xbox One”

As often as Phil Spencer does, he comes online on his twitter page and showers it with fireworks. He definitely knows how to get a crowd going. Maybe he should be a singer? Umm probably not. But he does know his Xbox and exactly how to keep the crowds morale up. So just like every other time, earlier he answered a number of questions regarding the future of Microsoft and leaving us more interested as he finished. But there was one tweet that won the contest and in it the Microsoft boss claimed that they knew where DirectX 12 was heading when they built the Xbox One.

Xbox Might Get Performance Boost with DirectX 12 Upgrade

Like always, there is a headline for his announcement in the form of replies. This time, it was DirectX 12 news which has the spotlight for me. When a fan asked Phil how Microsoft was going to go forward with the Xbox One and the new released DirectX 12, he answered simply by saying that they knew what Microsoft was doing with DirectX 12 when they built the Xbox One. You can have a look at the tweet yourself:

Wow, this is some news. This might just mean that Xbox One is getting the major performance boost they presented on their "Windows 10 announcement" event. But it does contradict the earlier release where Phil Spencer said that earlier that DirectX 12 will not have a major impact on the Xbox One console:

“On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12, but people ask me if it’s gonna be dramatic and I think I answered no at the time and I’ll say the same thing.”

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I think it is quite clear that further advancements have been made since the last release and now DirectX 12 might support the hardware on the Xbox One giving Xbox users an edge over the PS4 when the Windows 10 dashboard comes knocking. This will have a huge impact on the consoles performance when Microsoft finally releases the new software, and with the increased integration with the Windows 10 platform, this sounds like it is too good to be true!

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