First Person Roguelike ‘We Happy Few’ Gets Beautiful New Gamescom Trailer

Compulsion Games revealed a brand new trailer for We Happy Few during the Microsoft Gamescom Microsoft live stream, which can be viewed below:

We Happy Few is a first person roguelike game set in a procedurally generated city

It’s a first-person game, set in a procedurally generated, fully 3D city that you must escape before society collapses around you. But, like any good roguelike, you’re probably going to die a few times before you figure out how it all works.

A game of paranoia and survival, in a drugged-out, dystopian English city in 1964

We Happy Few stories are definitely Not Appropriate For Children. It’s also laced with dark humour, hope, and even a spot of redemption.

Compulsion Games explain about the musical inspiration:

In We Happy Few's psychedelic, retro soundscape, we're embracing the musical revolution of the 60s. For example, in the Village, our ambient theme takes inspiration from early 60s space-enthused electronic music, while the Wellies listen to the ultra perky 60s pop, mod, and lounge that is pouring out of the Village speakers and televisions. Our composer and sound guys have been doing a lot of experimentation with vintage 60s instruments (such as mellotrons and other things we secretly suspect aren't real instruments) and recording techniques, and we're very excited with how this will shape the atmosphere and tone of our happy yet unsettling world.

We Happy Few will release for the Xbox One and PC at a yet unannounced date. We will bring you any new information on We Happy Few as soon as it becomes available.


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