People loyal to PlayStation despite everything that’s happened

May 26, 2011

In sight of the security breach, Identity theft and the downtime of PSN many consumers are still loyal to PlayStation, a small number of the people in this survey switched to the XBOX 360 / XBL while the remaining stayed patient and loyal to their favorite brand.

Gamespot conducted a survey and posted their results.

GAMESPOT PS3 DATA BREACH AND OUTAGE SURVEY RESULTS (Sample size: 2,285. Percentages were rounded, resulting in >100% response totals for some questions.)

How does the recent security breach impact how you feel about Sony and the PlayStation Network?
--I no longer trust Sony or the PlayStation Network - 14%
--My trust in Sony and the PlayStation Network has not been affected by this - 35%
--I will be able to trust Sony and the PlayStation Network more in the future because the breach will force them to impose tighter controls - 23%
--I trust Sony and the PlayStation Network but I'm going to change the amount of information I share with them - 28%

How does the PlayStation Network security breach impact your trust in using online services in general?
--Negatively, I no longer trust any online services - 7%
--Not at all, I understand that these events happen and it won't stop me from using online services in the future - 71%
--Positively, I think all online services will learn from this and become more secure - 22%

Do you feel that Sony's response to the security breach was handled appropriately?
--Yes - 57%
--No - 43%

How likely are you to continue using the PlayStation Network after services are restored?
--Very Likely - 67%
--Somewhat likely - 14%
--Undecided - 10%
--Somewhat unlikely - 4%
--Very unlikely - 5%

How likely are you permanently switch from the PlayStation Network to Xbox Live?
--Very unlikely - 64%
--Somewhat unlikely - 11%
--Undecided - 13%
--Somewhat likely - 3%
--Very Likely - 2%
--I have already switched to Xbox Live - 9%

This is good to see that despite all that has happened people are willing to look past this and still enjoy what they paid for, I mean nothing is hack free right? the very same could have happened to XBL or Nintendo but instead a persistent group of hackers insisted on attacking Sony all because of the Anonymous incident / GeoHot incidents.

I for one chose the PS3 for a reason and I won't let a few days of not being able to enjoy a few online games hinder my decision on buying one, during the downtime I was able to explore the many great Single player games of the PS3 too rather than spending all my time on online play.

Source: Gamespot