Penello: What if Xbox Velocity Architecture is as Performant as the PS5 SSD and Xbox Series S Outperforms PS5 Framerates

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s former Xbox Marketing Director, has taken to Twitter following yesterday’s PS5 showcase.

Sony finally announced the pricing and release date for the highly-anticipated PS5 yesterday. Alongside these announcements, Sony confirmed that of its upcoming PS5 games will also release on PS4, thereby being cross-gen titles.

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On Twitter, Penello talked about Sony’s next-gen messaging, saying that it doesn’t appear to be different from Microsoft’s cross-gen philosophy after all. In addition to this, the former Xbox marketing director also theorized about Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Velocity Architecture being as potent as the ultra-fast PS5 SSD and the Xbox Series S outperforming the PS5 when it comes to framerates.

"What happens when the Xbox Velocity Architecture turns out to be every bit as performant as the PS5 SSD, and then it also turns out that framerates are better on the Series S because in order to overclock to get to 10.2 TFLOPS you can't get to 60fps on your games", Penello tweeted. "That'll be fun."

He added that he believes that, when it comes to cross platform titles, players can expect better framerates on the Series S than on the PS5 - tradeoffs are to be expected on PS5.

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Regarding Sony's "We Believe in Generations" messaging for the PS5, Penello said that Microsoft has been clear on what it will bring the next console generation, whereas Sony hasn't been.

He added, "I'm just reminded of all the crap that was thrown at @aarongreenberg  over "Console Exclusive" messaging - which was very clear and very accurate - only to have it show up at the top of the Sony show today. I assume there will be a flood of apologies on Aaron's feed..."

What are your thoughts about Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen messaging? Do you believe that the Xbox Series S will be able to outperform the PS5 in multiplatform games? Hit the comments down below.

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