Part II: 7 Best Apps for Nexus One


The last time I did an article on 7 best apps for Nexus One, I did receive quiet a feedback for Nexus One users who wanted to have more. Therefore, now I have decided to continue the series of "7 Best Apps for Nexus One" every month where I will be telling you about the most useful apps, games and tools for your Nexus One.

Before I proceed, those of you who had missed, check out the first part into the "7 Best Apps for Nexus One" series.

1. Dialer One
This is an excellent replacement for the stock dialer in Nexus One. It gives the user freedom to search for a contact using dialpad alphabets. Also gives details of last call logs, which can be set from 1 week to unlimited entries. There is however one small feature which I think is missing is separate details of dialed or received numbers. You can also set up speed dials and favorite numbers for quick access.

2. Gesture Search
This nifty app gives you the freedom to write on the screen with your finger and search for a contact. It can also be configured to work with the browser, apps and music folders. A handy tool where if you don't like to type on the keyboard, you can use this as quick search.

3. Twitroid
For all the Twitter fans, this is one app which I cannot do without. I did try other Twitter apps but Twitroid takes the cake. It gives you minute by minute to hourly updates (it can be configured for longer update duration) of the tweets happening. The best part is that you can use this app just like you use your Twitter account on the web. With features like direct messaging and opening the link or the entire tweet, Twitroid is one powerful app I am sure you will love to have on your Nexus one.

4. Google Sky Map
Google has come up with this app for the stars loving people (not the movie stars but the ones in the sky above). It gives you real time view of which stars are directly above you along with their names and positions. A fun app with which you can play while strolling in the park or just sitting on your front lawn.

5. Executive Assistant
Another great app which gives you a collective picture of your recent phone calls, Facebook, Email, Gmail, Twitter, RSS and calender updates on a single screen. It can be configured to run as start-up screen right after boot or as display screen when the phone is locked. In either case, you get to see all the updates in one glance.

6. Robo Defense
An excellent and addictive game which you can keep on playing for hours. It is a strategy / action game in which you have to defend your based against waves of enemy foot soldiers, tanks, robots and aviation. At first you might start loosing patience but with careful planning and placement of your arsenal, you can have the enemy defeated. Although this version only takes you up to level 10 but it would take you at least a month to reach there. A highly recommended game.

7. Splat Bugs II
Another addictive game which tests your reaction time and skills when you need to splat bug infestation in your phone screen. But you would need to play carefully as three wrong hit will make you lose the game. Excellent time killer and recommended game.

So this is for this month's edition of "7 Best Apps for Nexus One". Let me know your thoughts and recommend more apps, which you feel are best. All the apps are available in Android Market on Nexus One phones.

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