The Park Runs at 1080P@30 on PS4, 1080-900P on XB1; DirectX 12 Support Not Planned

Funcom's The Park, released five months ago, is set to debut soon on Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. The game, a psychological horror adventure title played in first person, got a positive reception across the board and a nice 8.2/10 score from our review.

We've talked to the developers in order to learn more about these ports specifically. As usual, the technical info goes first, with Funcom's Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Fred Richardson telling us the specifics of The Park on consoles.

  • What kind of frame rate/resolution are you targeting for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions of The Park? Did you have to drop some graphics fidelity on either version when compared to PC?
  • Our targets for The Park are 30+ FPS on both platforms, running 1080p on PS4 and a mix of 900p and 1080p on Xbox One. Some graphical settings were tweaked to run on the consoles, mainly foliage draw distance, though generally speaking the visuals should hold up pretty well to the PC version. We feel that the addition of some new features such as controller rumble and the move to the more laid back console play style has benefitted the game overall.

We also asked if Funcom planned to add DirectX 12 support for The Park on either PC/Xbox One, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

  • Do you intend to add DirectX 12 support to The Park on PC, and are you using DX12 for the Xbox One version?
  • We are not using DX12 for The Park currently on any platform. Improved draw call submission performance would not automatically yield great gains for us in The Park. DX12 is a potentially very powerful API for certain types of scenes, but games that have been written to handle the limitations of older-gen graphics APIs might not benefit from it immediately.

Check back soon for the rest of our exclusive interview with Funcom.

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