Paid Twitter Verification Delayed Further to Make Improvements

Furqan Shahid
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It is a new day, and we have a new Twitter drama. The bird is failing to catch a break at the moment, and honestly, it has become a comedy without a stop. Elon Musk's plan to hand out blue checkmarks to everyone who is paying for Twitter Blue did not really end well as a lot of fake accounts started coming forward, and this negatively affected a lot of companies financially and otherwise, as well.

Twitter's Paid Verification Will Now Rollout on 29th November as Musk Wants to Make the Feature "Rock Solid"

In light of more and more fake accounts with blue ticks popping up, Musk has decided to go ahead and delay the launch of this feature, meaning that you will not be getting access to it until later this month, on 29th November.

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Musk still has not commented on the actual issue with the paid verification but has tweeted the following,

Furthermore, Musk also said that all the legacy blue checkmarks will also be removed if the user/organizations refuse to pay. This change will take place in the coming months, but it does solidify the fact that Musk wants a totalitarian approach to how verification works on Twitter, you either pay for it, or you are not verified.

At the time of writing, everything should be taken with a grain of salt because Twitter, despite Musk's leadership, has gone through numerous changes over the past couple of years. The platform has seen changes being made to it, only to be rolled back later down the road.

For now, November 29th is the date, but knowing what has been happening, I would call this tentative at best. Until then, I'd say if you use Twitter as a platform to stay updated, it is best that you are counting days because, judging by what's happening to the platform, no one can guarantee a future.

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