Pachter Believes Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Coming To PC; Credits Rockstar For “Almost Trump-Like” Brilliant Marketing

Aernout van de Velde
Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 might still release on PC, but at  a later date, according to tech and game industry analyst Michael Pachter.

Following a long period of rumors, Take-Two and Rockstar suddenly officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 and Xbox One last week. A PC announcement was absent however and a petition to get the title on PC was started almost immediately. Within less than 20 hours, more than 12.500 supports signed the petition and at the moment of writing, the petition has almost 40.000 supporters.

Based on the recent success of  GTA V and its multiplayer component, GTA Online, on PC, the lack of a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version can be called surprising at the least. We do have to consider Rockstar and its smart marketing tactics however- something that was also pointed out by Michael Pachter in a recent interview with Gamingbolt.

"They key words here are right now,’ Pachter said. “I remember the announcement for GTA5 was Xbox 360 and PS3 only, when it was first announced in November 2011, I think. And then they waited until June of 2014, so literally two and a half years after the first announcement, and announced that it would be on Xbox One and PS4. And then- I forget the month, but I think it was several months later, they announced it for PC, which came out in 2015.”

Pachter continued by praising Rockstar’s brilliant marketing techniques, and their ability to divert the conversation to themselves. A tactic that’s almost “Trump-like” according to the analyst.

“So they have a history of bleeding out information about their games, and credit to them, it works. It keeps fans interested in their games. This announcement, for instance, coming the week Battlefield is launching, and then the trailer coming the week before Titanfall 2 launches… I think they’ll have another trailer around when Call of Duty launches, because they want to dominate the headlines. They are brilliant marketers, and they’re right. Here we are, you know talking about Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in a year, and not talking about all the games that are coming out this week. So, they’re smart. They’ve diverted the conversation to them. That’s almost Trump-like- stay in front of the news cycle, and it works.”

Rockstar has stated that Red Dead Redemption 2 will offer a “brand new online multiplayer experience”, and with the recent success of GTA V and GTA Online, a PC version sounds obvious.

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