Overwatch Patch Finally Makes Sombra Playable, Adds PS4 Pro Support


Overwatch players can now get their hands on the notorious hacker, Sombra, along with with a new mode and map. Blizzard also stealthily added support for Sony's freshly released PlayStation 4 Pro console, though there are no details on the enhancements yet.

We've highlighted everything you needed to know about Sombra when she was officially revealed last week. She's been playable on the PTR servers for a while and now everyone can play as the stylish new character with a deadly machine pistol.

The press release sent out by Blizzard goes into detail of the Arcade's rotating playlists, new arena map and Season 3 of Competitive play.

New Feature: The Arcade!

  • Discover brand new ways to play Overwatch in the Arcade. Choose from a variety of regularly rotating game modes, maps, and rulesets that don't quite fit into Quick Play or Competitive Play. Whether it's 1-on-1 duels, 3-vs-3 skirmishes, our alternating selection of brawls, or special rulesets like “no hero switching,” you should have no problem finding a game that fits your mood. Experience is earned just like any other mode, but you can also earn Arcade-specific rewards, like Loot Boxes!

New Arena Map: Ecopoint: Antarctica

  • Bundle up for a journey to Ecopoint: Antarctica, the former Overwatch installation where climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou was once stationed. While researching severe weather anomalies in the region, the station was hit by an intense polar storm. Running out of options and low on supplies, the team decided to cryogenically freeze themselves until the storm passed. They believed that it would only be for a few months, but Mei awoke nearly a decade later.
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica is a compact new Arena map that features multiple new game modes, including a 3-vs-3 battle and 1-on-1 duel. Check it out in the Arcade.

Season 3 of Competitive Play

  • Competitive Play's second season will end on November 23 at 4PM PDT (November 24 at 0:00 UTC), and the third season will begin on November 30 at 4PM PDT (December 1 at 0:00 UTC). During the week-long off season, you'll still be able to queue for matches using the Competitive Play ruleset, but your skill rating will not be affected and no Competitive Points will be awarded.
  • We've also made a few adjustments to the skill rating system for season 3. Players will be distributed more broadly across the skill tiers, which means that your season 3 rating will probably be lower than the previous season.

You can take a gander at the entire patch notes in a lengthy post on the Battle.net forums, which include plenty character and gameplay tweaks.

The new patch for Overwatch is live now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.