Overwatch Nintendo Switch Control Options Allow Joy-Con To Be Pointed At The Screen

Francesco De Meo

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch will come with additional control options, and among them will be one that will allow players to point the Joy-Con controllers at the screen almost as if it were a laser pointer.

In a fresh interview with Vooks, this controller scheme has been confirmed by the game's principal game producer, Wes Yanagi. This control scheme isn't, apparently, a simple novelty to play with for a few minutes, as Yanagi confirms one of the designers uses it and he's very good with it.

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Controls for the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch is basically the same as the other consoles. However, one big addition is gyro-aim support. With gyro-aiming, you can tilt the Switch or Pro Controller to give a little nudge to your aim and help line-up shots.  Or, you can detach the Joy-Cons and point it at the screen like a laser pointer. One of our designers plays this way and dominates.

Wes Yanagi also talked about the possible addition of adjustable performance settings, confirming they will not be available as the game will be optimized well on Nintendo Switch.

For the Switch version of Overwatch, we really want to deliver the authentic Overwatch experience.  The gameplay has to feel like Overwatch and the game has to look like Overwatch.  For fixed platforms like the Switch, we do our best to configure the game to the optimal settings to achieve this goal.

Overwatch will release on Nintendo Switch in October as Overwatch Legendary Edition, which will include all of the content that has been released so far as well as motion controls and more.

Overwatch Legendary Edition puts the definitive version of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed team shooter in Nintendo Switch owners’ hands, complete with the latest content and gameplay updates. Players will select from a roster of 31 vibrant heroes as they face off in a variety of casual and competitive multiplayer modes and battle over map objectives in 28 different locations around the earth (and on the moon).

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