The Order: 1886 – New Footage Shows Breathtaking Visuals

Archie Paras

The Order: 1886 seems to have made its way into the hands of some gamers and some new gameplay has been published on Youtube. You can view some of the footage below. (the videos contain spoilers so be aware)

The Order: 1886 looks breathtakingly beautiful

It seems that the Order: 1886, does have enough non-linear gameplay and enough variety, to put at ease all those that have doubted it. There's plenty of exploration, nice action sequences, the occasional button prompt, which should not be confused with quick-time events and plenty of stealth and shootout moments. The cat and mouse gameplay with the lycans seems particularly nice.

There's plenty of interaction with the other team members, something that will surely create a brotherhood dynamic and enhance the single player experience. The environments look downright gorgeous and the periods's feeling of gloom is captured perfectly. The voice work is impeccable and the motion capture is great, further immersing you into its alternate reality setting.


The use of 4xMSAA in The Order: 1886 is obvious, as is the use of multiple temporal filters, that create a CG quality look for the game, that looks much more cinematic, rather than real life. That was indeed the best choice, for the game, to further enhance its semi-fantasy setting. The wider ratio choice, certainly has a positive impact on creating a more cinematic feel and additionally enabling the developers to push visual fidelity even further. The advanced textures certainly have a huge impact, with each material looking exactly as it should, bringing the world to life. The volumetric smoke effects look particularly nice as well. The fabric on the team's uniforms looks incredibly detailed and the inclusion of cloth physics is of particular note. Individual strands of hair move realistically, as the wind brushes through them.

The lighting deserves much credit, as it is one of the most important factoring aspects that brings The Order: 1886 to life.


The game's musical score seems to have a great impact and realistic ambient noises enhance the immersion even more. Continuous communication with members of your team, via radio, make the single player experience more expansive and make you feel like part of a real group.

I am looking forward to playing the The Order: 1886 and I will continue its coverage up to its February 20 release. It appears though, that we will be getting a truly great gaming experience, and some of the most gorgeous graphics ever to grace a video game.

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