‘Orby Widgets’ Has All The Tools To Make Your Notification Center More Productive


When Apple first added widget support on iOS, we all had mixed feelings for what they would look like. Moreover, we were used to widgets directly on the Home screen like Google's Android platform. Nonetheless, Apple chose its Notification Center to be the stage for all widgets, confining them to a specific location from where they can be accessed. This meant that all widgets would remain inactive until or unless the user decides to swipe down the Notification Center. However, we're glad Apple made this bold move since there are definitely pros to the approach like saving battery life and more.

Orby Widgets For All Your Essential Needs

From that day forward, we have seen innumerable widget apps popping on the App Store each of which had their own set of functionalities. Installing different apps for a specific type of widget might take up a lot of your storage space, especially if your iOS device is one of the 16GB variant. That takes us to 'Orby Widgets' that provides users with all sorts of widgets in the Notification Center. All of these widgets show various aspects of your device which we will be telling you guys later on.

Orby Widgets provide some basic widgets like calculator, battery life, Network information and more. The battery is indicated in a circular form and its drain time is mentioned underneath, which might vary as per use. The calculator is simplistic and can handle all day to day calculations like a champ. The network details are listed for both Wi-Fi and Cellular, each of which shows the amount of data transfer. Further extensions to the network information extends to IP Address and Mac Address. These are some of the most basic widgets that Orby Widgets provide.

Moreover, Orby also provides widgets for Speed Call, which is similar to the speed dial feature that was available on older devices or is still available on some devices. What speed call does is simple, it lets you select a contact whom you can call anytime without searching through your contact list. Moreover, Orby also allows you to share a Facebook status or Tweet right from the Notification Center, so all social media fanatics can utilize it by bypassing the longer direct route.

Personally, I really liked the Orby interface and widget arrangements with simplistic design but maximum utility. One of the best widgets in Orby Widget are the App Launcher, Conversation, CPU and Memory. All of these widgets are contributing to how you use your device.

The CPU widget shows the total capacity of usage and how much of it is being used. This might act as an indicator if you forgot to close your apps. In the end closing apps do result in improved battery performance. The Memory widget displays all kinds of memory information. It ranges from wired to free and active to inactive memory. Overall system memory is also displayed that shows variations in real time. If not everyone, tech savvy folks would know how to make use of it, either directly or indirectly.

The App Launcher widget lets you select specific applications that you frequently visit, which is pretty handy if you have a cluster of apps on your iPhone or iPad. The conversation widget is really helpful when it comes to chatting with the most often contact. All you have to do is select the person and the platform where you want to chat and it will be available right in the Notification Center, which will directly take you to that specific conversation.

Personally, I really liked the widget layout and how they are positioned. It definitely eases access and provides abundant information to get you through your needs. Orby Widgets is available on the App Store, charged at a mere $1.99. If you're into widgets, we would totally recommend Orby Widgets.

This is it for now, folks. How often do you use widgets on iOS? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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