Oppo is Working on an AirTag Competitor too, Features UWB and Built-in USB-C Port for Charging

Uzair Ghani
Oppo Smart Tag leaks, shows USB-C port and built-in battery

Looks like everyone is working on an item tracker these days and the latest leak shows Oppo wants a slice of the pie too with its Smart Tag.

Oppo Smart Tag Leaks with UWB and USB-C Port and a Built-in Battery

We have had item trackers around for a long time but Apple and Samsung are truly the ones that refined this space with proper use of Bluetooth and ultra-wide band technology. The latter allows for extremely accurate tracking of objects.

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Now, according to a leak from Weibo, it seems as though Oppo is going to join the item tracking market soon with a product of its own. But, unlike the ones from Apple, Samsung and others, this one has a built-in battery and a USB-C port to charge it up. This means you do not have to fiddle around with batteries and you can virtually keep the tracker charged up at all times, which is nothing but fantastic. Also, thanks to its built-in battery, this makes the tracker more environmentally friendly as well. Good on Oppo here.

The product is allegedly called the Oppo Smart Tag and will make use of ultra-wide band radios to precisely locate your lost items. But the big question is, since companies like Tile and Apple (with its Find My network) have a leg-up in the item tracking space, how will Oppo compete since it does not quite have a network of its own? This will be very interesting to see going forward.

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