Open World Fantasy RPG The Wayward Realms Briefly Showcased; Made by Ex Elder Scrolls Developers

Alessio Palumbo
The Wayward Realms

Independent developer OnceLost Games pulled the veil off The Wayward Realms, their debut game, an open world fantasy RPG. The studio, founded in 2019 by former Elder Scrolls Arena and Elder Scrolls Daggerfall developers Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, is aiming to create a title where choice, consequence, scope, and role-playing will be experienced like never before in a realistically-scaled open world in a new class of game: The Grand RPG. The Wayward Realms will take advantage of both procedural generation and a virtual Game Master to keep things interesting for the players.

The Wayward Realms is set on a group of over one hundred, realistically scaled, islands, known collectively as the Archipelago, where scores of factions vie for influence and power. Kingdoms strive to maintain their dominance, upstarts seek to earn a place at the top, and dynasties set generational plots into motion. Should the player earn a position of prominence, they may change the course of history. However, they must first prove their worth battling rivals, mercenaries, monsters, spirits, and demons. On their quest for fame and fortune, players will venture through strange lands, delve into foreboding dungeons, and traverse kingdoms full of humans, elves, orks, dwarves and a few other unusual races.

Welcome To The Archipelago!

  • A Massive World. No, really! Way bigger than most other games you can think of. Big cities with hundreds or thousands of NPCs, deep, dark, dangerous forests, gigantic mountain ranges, sprawling swamps and marshlands, vast oceans, and more, brought to life through dynamic, procedural generation.
  • Constantly Evolving Experience and Story. A virtual Game Master keeps things interesting for you in the Wayward Realms, making other characters and their factions react and plot their next move based on your actions, resulting in no two players having the exact same game experience. World events have very different effects in the life of a socializing aristocrat, a thief entrenched in underworld conspiracies, a scholar collecting ancient artifacts, or whatever role you craft for yourself.
  • Real Role-Playing. You’re not playing some prebaked warrior or mage, but a character class of your design, with customized skills and abilities to craft your own spells, potions, and enchantments. Want to try playing a character who is really, really outside the box? We got you.
  • A World Full of Lore. We call it the Wayward Realms for a reason. On the surface, things may have that familiar, medieval fantasy look, but dig a bit deeper and there’s a lot to learn. From the multiple moons in the sky, to the libraries worth of books, to the multiple cultures of each race, there is always something new to discover.

The Steam page already features system requirements for The Wayward Realms, though the release date is still listed as TBA (to be announced). Meanwhile, there's a teaser trailer available below.

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