OnePlus Cinematic Display Will be an Affordable TV with a Wide Color Gamut

Furqan Shahid
OnePlus Cinematic Display

OnePlus launched its premium TV last year, and after that, the company has been working on new Android TV models that will be released with lower price tags. Thanks to the latest teaser, we have some details on what the TV is going to offer. OnePlus has talked about on their forum post specifically about the DCI-P3 color gamut that the company will be using on this TV.

Budget OnePlus CInematic Display Will Offer a Wider Color Gamut for Better Color Reproduction

The blog post focuses more on how OnePlus is going to be managing the colours on their new OnePlus Cinematic Display, that is the name for the TV. With the higher-end model released last year, the company didn't have to worry about any restrictions since they could have done anything they wanted. But when you are looking at the budget options, you do have to cut some corners.

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According to OnePlus, the affordable Cinematic Display television will be using the DCI-P3 color gamut which will manage 93% coverage of the spectrum. This is what OnePlus had to say about their decision.

But in the era of HDR video, the broader DCI-P3 standard has become the choice of more content creators for its fuller color. Now basically all HDR content is mastered using DCI-P3 within Rec. 2020 container.

Compared to Rec. 709, DCI-P3's range is 26% larger, and it is especially richer in the red and green ranges. So if you want the best color experience on a TV, and get the full effect of HDR video, then you need a TV with exceptional DCI-P3 performance.

As we stated before, the new TV will be called OnePlus Cinematic Display. However, we are not aware of the price of these upcoming television, but OnePlus does say they will be using the same technology on the more entry-level releases in the future. The display also comes with the Dolby Vision certification, and they will be using Gamma Engine as far as processing is concerned.

OnePlus Cinematic Display will be revealed in July, but the company might decide to limit to specific regions.

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