Watch Out Everyone – The OnePlus 2 Sees COMPLETE Specs Leak Through Chinese TENAA

As we near the OnePlus 2's launch, more and more specifications about the device are appearing and getting confirmed all around. We've seen some benchmark scores of the device lately that, if true, end up showing the true power of the Snapdragon 810 if you take overheating and throttling out of the equation. Today, the device has been certified by TENAA, given its upcoming launch, so now you can take a look at some official Chinese government images of the device, coupled with a complete specifications listing, which manages to confirm several things we already know about the device.

The OnePlus 2 Is Certified By Chinese TENAA - With Snapdragon 810 And Fingerprint Sensor

Several of the OnePlus 2's earlier specifications have been listed by the Chinese TENAA today, which include the Snapdragon 810, as had been confirmed by OnePlus earlier as well. But what interests us more is the presence of a fingerprint sensor on the device, something which has been oft spoken about in the previous months as well.

The rear of the device is adorned by a 13 MP camera sensor, further confirming earlier speculation as well. The front of the device comes with a 8 MP camera, which should prove more than sufficient to cater to all of your selfie needs. Makes us rather nostalgic about the days when traditional point to shoot camera with similar resolution were considered quite impressive, but things move fast when it comes to the tech world.

Aside from camera and processor specifications, other details surrounding OnePlus' upcoming device have also surfaced on TENAA today. The device is also listed with 4 GB of RAM, which should be enough when it comes to the specification intensive Android world. The OnePlus 2 should also be expected with 32 GB of internal storage on board, though whether microSD support is included, is unknown so far. The original OnePlus didn't come with the support, so we hedge our bets carefully on this feature.

The OnePlus 2 is shaping up to be quite a nice device indeed, and we wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese smartphone manufacturer manages to take some of the pie away from the smartphone industry's top players. And who knows, if its launches are successful, OnePlus might even start to launch devices on a larger scale. Upstarts from China are on the rise, and after Xiaomi's moderate success, there's no doubt OnePlus can do the same.

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