Oddly Enough, Amazon is Stilling Selling its Smart Plug for Just $0.99

Uzair Ghani
Amazon Smart Plug available for 99 cents

Believe it or not, but the Amazon Smart Plug is still currently available for just $0.99. Grab it now before it’s back to $24.99.

Use Discount Code PLUG at Checkout and Get the Amazon Smart Plug for Just 99 Cents

Sometimes it almost feels like a joke, but Amazon is really selling its own smart plug for a low price of just $0.99. They did it over Black Friday, then on Cyber Monday, and the deal is still alive right now. Basically, if you missed the deal before, you still have a solid chance to get in on the action right now.

Getting this discount is actually very straightforward. Just add the smart plug to your cart, and use the discount code PLUG at checkout. There is nothing else you have to do at all.

Just like any other great smart plug, this one connects straight to Wi-Fi and then can be controlled using a dedicated mobile app or Alexa. You can use it to automate a bunch of things, such as a lamp, coffee maker, a string of lights and so on.

If you just want to see how a smart plug works and whether or not it’s worth it for you, then this is a great starting point. Given the price, we can’t even recommend anything else.

Buy Amazon Smart Plug - Was $24.99, now just $0.99 using code PLUG

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