OCZ Officially announces new Vertex 2 SSD’s.

OCZ has officially announced its new Vertex 2 Solid State Drives, The Vertex 2 Pro and Vertex 2 EX which are based on the based on the Sandforce SF-1500 controller.

The Vertex 2 Pro will use MLC NAND Flash memory chips while the other SSD, The Vertex 2 EX will be based on the SLC NAND. The both drives come in two version the SATA 3.0 Gbps and the SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) which depends on their purpose.

The SSD's will have features such as native TRIP support, advanced ECC protection, encryption and block management. The maximum read speed of the drives will be 285 mb/s while the write speed is 275 mb/s with 4KB random writes for up to 50,000 IOPS. The Vertex 2 Pro is available in 50, 100, 200 and 400GB capacities, while the Vertex 2 EX goes from 50 to 200GB.

The drives come with a three-year warranty and the price of the SSD's have already been listed at some shops in EU. The Vertex 2 Pro 50GB version goes for €400 while the 400GB is priced for around €2250. The Vertex 2 Pro can be found listed here, while the €895 50GB Vertex 2 EX and the €3650 Vertex 2 EX 200GB can be found here.


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