NVIDIA Welcomes AMD’s x86 Comeback and Endorses Threadripper – AMD High Fives Back!

Usman Pirzada

Okay, I confess, this isn't an actual news post (or is it?). Its just something I couldn't bear not to post considering the Intel-NVIDIA-AMD-VIA fanboy inside of me. Besides, this is one of the few posts dedicated to our community. 🙂

As all of you know, AMD recently launched their lineup of Ryzen processors a while back and they have essentially disrupted the consumer market (something I have been talking about for a long time, ahem), and NVIDIA saw fit to welcome the company back into the x86 arena. Since NVIDIA has no stake in the x86 market, this was nothing more than a well-meaning and very rare show of camaraderie between two of the most beloved (and championed) tech companies out there.

NVIDIA posted the following tweet:

This was already pretty cool, considering the company was encouraging users to choose Ryzen Threadripper as the primary CPU (along with an NVIDIA GPU of course, no compromises from NVIDIA there). And AMD, being a good sport, replied with the following:

A high five! This is probably one of the coolest interactions between two companies I have seen in a while. The red shirt and green shirt isn't a co-incidence either. This is AMD graciously accepting the praise for its Threadripper disruption and x86 comeback. Someone give the managers of these accounts a pay raise. This is one of those rare moments where we see two giants according the other the professional courtesy they deserve (and maybe some of our commenters would do well to follow the sportsman spirit as well 🙂 ).

It can also be said that if NVIDIA had to choose someones product to promote, it wouldn't be Intel. Since the company is now directly in competition with the blue giant in the autonomous segment and the last cross licensing payments were given out last quarter - no love is lost between the two now. So as far as everyone is concerned, both NVIDIA and AMD are united on one thing: Threadripper is a good choice for high end gaming rigs.

Update: And the bromance continues!

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