NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap Updated With Tegra 5 “Logan” and Tegra 6 “Parker” SOCs

NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap

NVIDIA Tegra roadmap has been updated at the GTC 2013 by the company which includes the recently announced Tegra 4 SOC along with Logan and Parker SOCs.

NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap Updated With Logan and Parker Kepler/Maxwell/Denver Equipped SOCs

Recently, NVIDIA announced their Tegra 4 "Wayne" and "Grey" chips which would be embedded in tablets, smartphones and Project Shield portable devices. The latest NVIDIA Tegra Roadmap shows two new Tegra chips planned for launch in 2014 and 2015 respectively. These include the upcoming Tegra 5 "Logan" and Tegra 6 "Parker" SOCs which were previously detailed in our article here. Today, we have more details thanks to the updated roadmap which can be seen below:

NVIDIA Tegra 5 "Logan" SOC With Kepler GPU and CUDA Support

NVIDIA, in 2014 launches their Tegra 5 "Logan" SOC which would feature Kepler GPU, Cuda and OpenGL 4.3 support. This would be a drastic improvement over Tegra 4 with an updated Kepler GPU architecture which brings great power efficency and improvement over previous GPU architecture. The GPU is expected to go in production in early 2014 and would be available in 2H of 2014.

Our next-gen mobile processor, Tegra, is called Logan. It has something that we’ve been dying to bring to the world. It incorporates for first time our most advanced GPU, the first mobile processor with CUDA. (This draws wide applause from the crowd.) It has a Kepler GPU, with full CUDA 5, and OpenGL 4.3. We’ll see Logan in production early next year. NVIDIA

NVIDIA Tegra 6 "Parker" SOC With Denver CPU and Maxwell GPU

In 2015, NVIDIA would launch their next generation Tegra Parker chip which incorporates the NVIDIA Denver CPU equipped with Custom Cortex-A53 and A57 cores and the updated Maxwell GPU architecture which is built on the 20nm architecture proving to be much more power efficient over 28nm Kepler and also using a unified memory architecture which allows system memory to share ram across GPU.

Next gen beyond Logan has a peculiar name, Parker. Parker brings three ideas to the market:

First with Denver. First 64 bit ARM processor coupled with our next-gen GPU Maxwell. First to use FinFET transistors. In five years time, we’ll increase Tegra by 100 times, Moore’s Law would suggest an eight-fold increase.

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