Nvidia Streaming Service Limiting Performance on Nvidia Geforce Graphic Cards


It would appear that Nvidia's recent driver updates have a bit of a crippling problem. User lhikary over at reddit discovered that the Nvidia streaming service was actually bottlenecking performance by hogging the CPU. While Nvidia has yet to make an official statement, the steps to disable the service and boost performance are known. Its worth noticing that while the performance gains aren't big, they are noticeable.

Nvidia's always-on Shadow Play streaming service causes frame rate problems

Nvidia's streaming service is the backbone process behind the Shadow Play feature - the part of the Geforce Drivers that streams your game to a SHIELD device (if you happen to own one). That's all well and good if you are one of those green users who have a SHIELD device, but those who do not have one, the service continues to tax the CPU in the background - causing slight frame rate drops to occur in-game

  • Open start menu and search "Services"

  • Open up services and locate "NVIDIA Streamer Service"

  • Open the service and stop the service (if its running) then disable the service.

Some users have reported significant performance gains by disabling the service while others have noticed barely noticeable gains, the likes of 3-5%, by running synthetic benchmarks. A 3-5% gain is barely outside the margin of error in synthetic benchmarks so we can't really put a number on how much frame rate increase you can expect by disabling the streaming service. At any rate, there is no harm in disabling the service if you don't own a SHIELD device. Just make sure to disable it again after any driver update since it gets enabled automatically.

Drivers are always at the the heart of any Graphics Processor and sometimes the ride gets bumpy. While drivers on the mainstream side (desktop) are usually patched properly, occasionally, problems like these seep past. The resource that is the CPU is usually critical to a good game play experience and bugs like these can really effect how much you can enjoy a game. While this should be barely noticeable in setups with powerful CPUs, lower end configurations would see a significant advantage by following the steps given above.  Nvidia did not comment on the story.