Nvidia set to launch Tegra 2 at CES 2010


As per Xbit labs, Nvidia is gearing up to launch Tegra 2 at next year's CES. And according to Senior VP of Investor Relations and Communications Michael Hara, several Tegra 2 products will see light of the day at CES.

“At CES we are going to make a major announcement about Tegra family. It is highly possible that we will see some very interesting form-factors coming out at the same time... You are going to see roll-outs and deployments of tablet PCs, smartbooks, netbooks, MIDs throughout the first half and then you will see major roll-outs of smartphones in the second half (of 2010),” said Hara.

Tegra 2 is rumored to be at least twice as powerful as Tegra. It will in addition feature faster memory, faster graphics and will be using the 40nm production technology.

Up until now, we have seen Tegra operating in Zune HD, where it worked great. But sadly, not many devices picked Tegra up. Therefore, this time around Nvidia will be hoping to capture the attention of netbook and smartphone makers.