NVIDIA Keeps Its Promise and Delivers Pascal Beta Drivers for Mac Users


Looks like NVIDIA finally came through when it came to keeping its promise; the company has released Pascal beta drivers for the Mac platform and they are available to download right now.

Though Still in Beta, Latest NVIDIA Pascal Drivers for Mac Will Open up Several Doors Including Hooking up an eGPU

Since there were no drivers for Pascal available previously, Mac users had to rely on NVIDIA’s Maxwell-based drivers to get the job but all that is in the past now. Now, regardless if you have a GTX 1050 or a TITAN Xp, the Mac machine will be able to recognize it.

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The latest news is definitely a godsend for Mac owners who want to use an eGPU solution or a Hackintosh later down the road. Keep in mind that since the 2016 MacBook Pro only features Thunderbolt 3 ports, users can experience higher gaming performance when they plug in an eGPU with a high-end GTX 10 series in place.

For the best possible performance, it is recommended that you purchase the 15-inch MacBook Pro since those machines feature a quad-core chip and 16GB of RAM. The 16GB RAM limitation will definitely be felt in the near future so it is a good idea to wait for the new MacBook Pro refresh.

Analysts have stated that the upcoming models will feature 32GB of RAM and come equipped with Kaby Lake chips so that users can get more frames out of their systems, but at the end of the day, this will also depend on which GPU is paired with the machine.

eGPU enclosures are not the cheapest of purchases at the moment but give it time and their prices will eventually come down.

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If you wish to download the latest Pascal beta drivers for your Mac, you can click on the source link below to get started.