Nvidia to Release Geforce GT 550 and 530 in Q1 2011.


Nvidia recently revealed its new Geforce 500 Series card "GTX 580" Earlier this month and now news about the upcoming GTX 570 and GTX 560 cards have also popped out which are meant to replace the previous gen GTX 470 and 460 cards. The GTX 570 based on the GF-110 core which is a refined version of the GF-100 Core is said to be released in December while the GTX 560 is an updated version of the GF-104 core and will be released in Q1 2011.

Nvidia will also introduce two new cards in Q1 2011. The GT 550 and GT 530 which are to be based on the GF-116 core, The successor of the GF-106 Core on which the previous models of these cards were built. The new chip will be a totally unlocked version of the previous core which will be fully enabled providing sufficient performance power to take on ATI's/AMD's cards which belong to the same segment.

The best part about these cards is that it hasn't been long enough since the previous version of the cards were released . The Die Size of the cards will remain the same but fully enabled and unlocked core means that it can feature 240 Shader Units against the 192 of the previous gen cards. This is till now UN-confirmed. The Geforce GT 550 and GT 530 will be out by February or March.

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