NVIDIA Could be Preparing GK208 Chip for GeForce 700 Series


NVIDIA could very well be working on its GeForce 700 series as the codename of their Next Generation GK208 GPU has been leaked (Spotted by Videocardz). The codename was leaked over at the profile of an NVIDIA GPU intern who helped in bringing up the architecture of this GK208 GPU.

GK2** to Power GeForce 700 Series?

If NVIDIA is indeed working on a GK208 chip than that means a radical change in the GPU codename scheme which was previously though to be GK114, GK116, GK118. The GK208 GPU could possibly be a Entry-Level GPU, successor to the GK107.

We still have very limited details on what the Next Generation GPU's would hold on the specifications front, although we do know that they would be a refresh of the Kepler architecture since Maxwell was pushed to 2014.The High End GTX 780, Flagship of the GTX 700 series could hold the GK110 chip or the GK200/GK204 GPUchip. There won't be a significant increase in core count since a fully enabled GK110 chip for consumers is not feasible at all, Videocardz mention that the GPU could hold 1728 and 2112 Cuda Cores which sounds reasonable while the GK206/GK116 if it ends up as an successor to the GK107 would be fused on the GTX 750 with 576 Cores, while the GTX 750 Ti would be based on the successor to the GK106 chip with a core count around 960 Cuda's. GK208 would be the low-end models with around 192 Cores.

The GK208 GPU, if the architecture is already being tweaked as per listing could very well hit the market earlier than the High/Mid End cards arrive. Launch of the GeForce 700 series is expected around early Q2 2013.