Nvidia Officially Cuts Prices of GTX 460 and GTX 470 to Counter AMD’s HD 6800 Series Graphic Cards.

In order to counter the upcoming HD 6800 Series Graphic cards, Nvidia has officially dropped the prices of its current GTX 460 and GTX 470 Fermi cards. The price cuts are alreay being seen all around the globe as GTX 460 1GB price has gone down to $199 or €169 including VAT while the GTX 470 drops to US $259, €219 including VAT.

The new UK price of the cards are set at GTX 460 is £149 and £189 for the GTX 470 and can be seen here. While the European Prices have witnessed a lesser cut then what were announced and are set at €159,99 for the GTX 460 while the 470 is priced for €209,99 and you can view them here.

Nvidia’s Lars Weinand, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, EMEA has confirmed these prices and he shared many links of the cards with these prices in almost all EU countries. Be sure to check your local etailer as they should adjust the prices to get close to new ones.

Mr Weinand also stated that “The price adjustments we made are not temporary, and are reflective of an upcoming change in our product lineup.” Nvidia gets better price / performance ratio and puts more pressure on Radeon HD 6870 and 6850, cards that should launch tomorrow.

Nvidia finally did something right to counter against the upcoming cards from AMD. Other news have also followed up with the price cuts which include a GF-104 based fermi card named GTX 475 to be in works by Nvidia and a high end card included in its Geforce 500 Series coming later next year.


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