Nvidia Maxwell Architecture to Focus On Power Efficiency – Power Scaling Detailed


Some interesting information about Nvidia's upcoming Maxwell Architecture. It will be very Power Efficient and will be designed with the Mobile Market in mind. Just like Mobile Kepler, Mobile Maxwell will also make its way to a Tegra Soc.

Maxwell Power Scaling Detailed - Nvidia Focusing on Power Efficiency and Mobility.

Apparently the Maxwell GPU will be created with mobility and battery optimizations in mind. Nvidia has recently changed tactics and started targeting the mobile sector with full force, as is clear with the Tegra K1. Team green also seems to be focusing on the staying-ahead-of-the-curve strategy and keeping that in mind, Maxwell Mobile should make its entry into Tegra SoC's by early 2015. Also since they have been quite successful with Kepler in the notebook space and the Tegra K1 they seem to be pushing forward while the iron's still hot.

Ok, here is how the scaling will fare. Maxwell will have approximately three Tiers basically, Tier One will consist of 200W+ Discrete GPUs. The lowest tier will have 2W and 3W SoC Tegra Parts and ultra low voltage gpus. The middle tier will cover everything in between. The first GPU will ofcourse be the GM107 and will come in both Desktop and Mobile parts. The mobile versions are supposed to be ready by the time Intel's Broadwell Notebook Refresh, this should be around Q3 2014.

Tegra with the Maxwell core will offer a very significant performance boost to the K1 SoC parts and will also be the first Nvidia GPU licensed to various SoC makers. GPU IP cost is very low and licensing might help Nvidia gain more market shares as well as other benefits in the long run. Mobile Graphics, especially with Tegra K1, are getting an exponential gain in power and we are already into the realm of current gen console graphics. Of course the main problem isn't that current mobile hardware cannot support the same, the  subtle problem is developer dedication (even this to a lesser extent) and gaming experience on a tablet.