Nvidia Hosting Press Event on March 3rd About What Will “Redefine Future of Gaming”

Archie Paras

Nvidia is hosting a press event on March 5th, entitled "Redefine Future of Gaming" An invite has been sent out to numerous outlets, from the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. This could be regarding a new Graphics Card, or a new tablet using the company's Tegra X1  SoC, or even both. It could be possible that Nvidia will reveal the successor of the GTX 980 and GTX 970 cards, aka, Maxwell Big Daddy, in the form of a New Titan card or a Ti variant of the GTX 980.  Here's the invite.

Made to Game Nvidia Event - March 3rd

After the GTX 970 miscommunication error, Nvidia needs something positive and exciting, to fall into the good graces of its fans and gain back their trust. Still most customers mentioned that the error, does not have any impact on their purchasing decision and that they would still buy the GTX 970, as it is a truly great card with a very competitive price tag. Regardless March 3rd can't come soon enough and given that the GDC event is taking place between March 2-6, during which, companies like Microsoft, AMD, Valve, Eidos and many more will be holding sessions regarding DirectX 12 and OpenGL's successor, it could be that Nvidia will present how Maxwell is implemented in the new APIs.

Lets hope that it's indeed something really exciting, something that could truly "Redefine The Future of Gaming" which, even though quite a bold claim, it could potentially turn out to be true. Personally, I do hope it's more about a new flagship GPU from the company, rather that a new tablet, which to be honest, is a little too early for. Realistically speaking however, we are almost certainly looking at the new Shiled product that utilizes the Tegra X1 SoC. The 20nm based mobility chipset from Nvidia made the headlines a few weeks ago and is undoubtedly one of the more exciting products out there (for the b2b channel).

However, one of the concerns I have, is that Nvidia has always fallen prey to the trend of bringing out an ahead of the curve chipset and then falling behind the curve, due to its extended and staggered release schedule. It would be much more prudent, to reveal the chipset early and start building b2b contacts along with design wins. Naturally the folks over at Nvidia, would know better and hopefully they will have some design wins to boast off by the release date.

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