NVIDIA H100 80 GB PCIe Accelerator With Hopper GPU Is Priced Over $30,000 US In Japan

NVIDIA's recently announced H100 80 GB PCIe accelerator based on the Hopper GPU architecture has been listed for sale in Japan. This is the second accelerator that has been listed along with its price in the Japanese market with the first one being the AMD MI210 PCIe which was also listed just a few days back.

NVIDIA H100 80 GB PCIe Accelerator With Hopper GPU Gets Listed In Japan For An Insane Price Exceeding $30,000 US

Unlike the H100 SXM5 configuration, the H100 PCIe offers cut-down specifications, featuring 114 SMs enabled out of the full 144 SMs of the GH100 GPU and 132 SMs on the H100 SXM. The chip as such offers 3200 FP8, 1600 TF16, 800 FP32, and 48 TFLOPs of FP64 compute horsepower. It also features 456 Tensor & Texture Units.

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Due to its lower peak compute horsepower, the H100 PCIe should operate at lower clocks and as such, features a TDP of 350W versus the double 700W TDP of the SXM5 variant. But the PCIe card will retain its 80 GB memory featured across a 5120-bit bus interface but in HBM2e variation (>2 TB/s bandwidth).

According to gdm-or-jp, a Japanese distribution company, gdep-co-jp, has listed the NVIDIA H100 80 GB PCIe accelerator with a price of ¥4,313,000 ($33,120 US) and a total cost of ¥4,745,950 including sales tax which converts to $36,445 US. The accelerator is expected to ship in the second half of 2022 and will come in the standard dual-slot passively cooled variant. It is also stated that the distributor will provide NVLINK bridges free of cost to those who purchase multiple cards but might ship at a later date.

Now compared to the AMD Instinct MI210 which costs around $16,500 US in the same market, the NVIDIA H100 is more than double the cost. The NVIDIA offering does boast some really high GPU performance figures versus the AMD HPC accelerator at 50W more. The non-tensor FP32 TFLOPs for the H100 are rated at 48 TFLOPs while the MI210 has a peak rated FP32 compute power of 45.3 TFLOPs. With Sparsity and Tensor operations, the H100 can output up to 800 TFLOPs of FP32 horse power. The H100 also rocks higher 80 GB memory capacities versus the 64 GB on the MI210. From the looks of it, NVIDIA is charging the premium for its higher AI/ML capabilities.

NVIDIA Ampere GA100 GPU Based Tesla A100 Specs:

NVIDIA Tesla Graphics CardNVIDIA H100 (SMX5)NVIDIA H100 (PCIe)NVIDIA A100 (SXM4)NVIDIA A100 (PCIe4)Tesla V100S (PCIe)Tesla V100 (SXM2)Tesla P100 (SXM2)Tesla P100
Tesla M40
Tesla K40
GPUGH100 (Hopper)GH100 (Hopper)GA100 (Ampere)GA100 (Ampere)GV100 (Volta)GV100 (Volta)GP100 (Pascal)GP100 (Pascal)GM200 (Maxwell)GK110 (Kepler)
Process Node4nm4nm7nm7nm12nm12nm16nm16nm28nm28nm
Transistors80 Billion80 Billion54.2 Billion54.2 Billion21.1 Billion21.1 Billion15.3 Billion15.3 Billion8 Billion7.1 Billion
GPU Die Size814mm2814mm2826mm2826mm2815mm2815mm2610 mm2610 mm2601 mm2551 mm2
FP32 CUDA Cores Per SM128128646464646464128192
FP64 CUDA Cores / SM128128323232323232464
FP32 CUDA Cores168961459269126912512051203584358430722880
FP64 CUDA Cores168961459234563456256025601792179296960
Tensor Cores528456432432640640N/AN/AN/AN/A
Texture Units528456432432320320224224192240
Boost ClockTBDTBD1410 MHz1410 MHz1601 MHz1530 MHz1480 MHz1329MHz1114 MHz875 MHz
TOPs (DNN/AI)2000 TOPs
4000 TOPs
1600 TOPs
3200 TOPs
1248 TOPs
2496 TOPs with Sparsity
1248 TOPs
2496 TOPs with Sparsity
130 TOPs125 TOPsN/AN/AN/AN/A
FP16 Compute2000 TFLOPs1600 TFLOPs312 TFLOPs
624 TFLOPs with Sparsity
312 TFLOPs
624 TFLOPs with Sparsity
32.8 TFLOPs30.4 TFLOPs21.2 TFLOPs18.7 TFLOPsN/AN/A
FP32 Compute1000 TFLOPs800 TFLOPs156 TFLOPs
(19.5 TFLOPs standard)
156 TFLOPs
(19.5 TFLOPs standard)
16.4 TFLOPs15.7 TFLOPs10.6 TFLOPs10.0 TFLOPs6.8 TFLOPs5.04 TFLOPs
FP64 Compute60 TFLOPs48 TFLOPs19.5 TFLOPs
(9.7 TFLOPs standard)
19.5 TFLOPs
(9.7 TFLOPs standard)
8.2 TFLOPs7.80 TFLOPs5.30 TFLOPs4.7 TFLOPs0.2 TFLOPs1.68 TFLOPs
Memory Interface5120-bit HBM35120-bit HBM2e6144-bit HBM2e6144-bit HBM2e4096-bit HBM24096-bit HBM24096-bit HBM24096-bit HBM2384-bit GDDR5384-bit GDDR5
Memory SizeUp To 80 GB HBM3 @ 3.0 GbpsUp To 80 GB HBM2e @ 2.0 GbpsUp To 40 GB HBM2 @ 1.6 TB/s
Up To 80 GB HBM2 @ 1.6 TB/s
Up To 40 GB HBM2 @ 1.6 TB/s
Up To 80 GB HBM2 @ 2.0 TB/s
16 GB HBM2 @ 1134 GB/s16 GB HBM2 @ 900 GB/s16 GB HBM2 @ 732 GB/s16 GB HBM2 @ 732 GB/s
12 GB HBM2 @ 549 GB/s
24 GB GDDR5 @ 288 GB/s12 GB GDDR5 @ 288 GB/s
L2 Cache Size51200 KB51200 KB40960 KB40960 KB6144 KB6144 KB4096 KB4096 KB3072 KB1536 KB
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