Watch The NVIDIA GTC 2022, CEO Jensen Huang, Keynote & Hopper Data Center GPU Announcement Live Here!


NVIDIA GTC 2022 is hours away & CEO Jensen Huang will be taking the center stage of the keynote & presenting the next-gen, Hopper, GPU architecture.

NVIDIA Wants You To Get 'Hopped Up' For GTC 2022: Even To Feature CEO Jensen's Keynote & Next-Gen Hopper GPU Architecture Announcement, Watch It Live Here! [Event Over]

Going live on 22nd March (22:00), the latest episode of NVIDIA's GTC will be a grand one. The green team is expected to introduce tons of new hardware and software technologies including the most important announcement, the next-generation Hopper, GPU architecture. The Hopper reveal was already teased by NVIDIA but we can't wait to hear all those juicy details from the man in leather, himself.

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NVIDIA’s GTC conference is packed with smart people and programming.

The virtual gathering — which takes place from March 21-24 — sits at the intersection of some of the fastest-moving technologies of our time.

It features a lineup of speakers from every corner of industry, academia and research who are ready to paint a high-definition portrait of how they’re putting the latest technology to work.

A Can’t-Miss Keynote

GTC starts with a keynote from NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

Each GTC, Huang introduces powerful new ways to accelerate computing of all kinds, and tells a story that puts the latest advances in perspective.

Expect Huang to introduce new technologies, products and collaborations with some of the world’s leading companies.

The keynote will be live-streamed Tuesday, March 22, starting at 8 a.m. Pacific, and available on-demand afterward. Conference registration isn’t required to watch.

Besides Hopper, NVIDIA can also present a roadmap looking at the next GPU architecture such as the recently leaked Blackwell and we can even look forward to some surprises. As always, we will be bringing you all the details from the event as it happens so stay tuned and look forward to the Livestream event tomorrow.