NVIDIA Grid Officially Launching In May 2015 – Updated to Handle 1080P 60FPS Game Streaming

GRID gaming compute platform infrastructure has been upgraded to be able to handle 1080P at 60FPS graphics natively so that it can officially be launched as a service in May of 2015.


GRID has been announced as an official service, to debut in May of 2015 with over 50 release titles.

Jen-Hsun Huang says that for him to use GRID, it takes approximately 150 milliseconds for an image to actually be rendered. It’s in “half the blink of an eye”. This latency is far faster than we should theoretically be able to perceive in the real world. If you’ve previewed their GRID service before, then you may or may not agree with this. It’s incredibly responsive and quite the nice platform.

NVIDIA will have two types of services available, that of a subscription model to play games included within that subscription, as well as a buy and play model, where individual games can be paid for and played. This model mirrors that of the PlayStation Now streaming service. The backend infrastructure may actually be similar. GRID is rather popular with streaming services. There was no mentioned of the price of the subscription service, however.

AAA games have been promised to be released simultaneously with other digital platforms, so you can start playing them nearly right away. Many AAA and other acclaimed games are already available in the GRID store. Sometimes you might even be able to play before others may due to the lack of pre-loading.

It seems that the majority of the games will attempt to properly support controllers so as to seamlessly interface with the new Shield Google TV device as well as older Shield Tablets.

NVIDIA demoed quite a few gorgeous games running on their GRID hardware such as Metal Gear Solid 5, Resident Evil Revelations 2, The Witcher 3 and Grid 2. For their last demo, they played, in real-time, an Unreal Engine 4 demo known as The Infiltrator. And it looked spectacular.

The Witcher 3 wasn’t even playing at it’s maximum settings, but of course because this is essentially playing off of a PC, you can dial up those graphics settings as well.The team behind Resident Evil Revelations 2 also announced that Resident Evil 5 will be released on the Google Play Store very soon. MGS5 will also be available via the Shield store.

"I think that was Polish for lookout!"

GRID will be available to all NVIDIA Android devices through the GRID store. If you have one of their devices now, you can check it out.

GRID has been described by Jen-Hsu Huang as:

"The Netflix of gaming."

With this new entry into gaming it seems that NVIDIA is making their own way into the console world, and in a way that might be more significant than AMD's entry into the arena, something much more sustainable as well. I'm excited for the possibilities that this will bring, that and the competition.

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