NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2-Way SLI and Overclocked Benchmarks Exposed

SLI Benchmarks of NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Ti GPU have been exposed thanks to PCEVA. The GTX 660Ti would be NVIDIA's next Mid-Range offering which would be priced at $299 offering competitive performance against the AMD's HD 7800/7900 series cards.

The GTX 660Ti would feature the GK104-300-KD-A2 chip featuring 1344 Cores, 24 ROPs, 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory. The reference clock speeds are 915/980MHz for core and boost, memory runs at 1502MHz (6008MHz QDR).

The tester managed to overclock and test 2 of the same GPU's in 3DMarks 11 (2-Way SLI). Results are following:

Single GPU Overclocked results:

GTX 660 TI @ 1255MHz/1333MHz/1843MHz - X3419 Marks.

Note - The card used is a factory overclocked model by an unknown vendor, Clock frequencies were not shown, only the scores were shown.

Note #2 - The 3GB memory being shown is an error in GPUz, both cards have 2GB memory.

Memory sticked to the reference 6GHz effective speed:

GTX 660Ti Non-Reference - P9320 Marks

GTX 660Ti Non-Reference - X2916 Marks

Following are SLI benchmark results of the same GPU's running at their default factory clocked settings:

GTX 660Ti 2-WAY SLI - P15855Marks

GTX 660Ti 2-WAY SLI - X5556Marks

GTX 660Ti officially launches on 16th August for $299 and plus for factory overclocked models.

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