NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2-Way SLI and Overclocked Benchmarks Exposed

Aug 6, 2012

SLI Benchmarks of NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Ti GPU have been exposed thanks to PCEVA. The GTX 660Ti would be NVIDIA's next Mid-Range offering which would be priced at $299 offering competitive performance against the AMD's HD 7800/7900 series cards.

The GTX 660Ti would feature the GK104-300-KD-A2 chip featuring 1344 Cores, 24 ROPs, 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory. The reference clock speeds are 915/980MHz for core and boost, memory runs at 1502MHz (6008MHz QDR).

The tester managed to overclock and test 2 of the same GPU's in 3DMarks 11 (2-Way SLI). Results are following:

Single GPU Overclocked results:

GTX 660 TI @ 1255MHz/1333MHz/1843MHz - X3419 Marks.

Note - The card used is a factory overclocked model by an unknown vendor, Clock frequencies were not shown, only the scores were shown.

Note #2 - The 3GB memory being shown is an error in GPUz, both cards have 2GB memory.

Memory sticked to the reference 6GHz effective speed:

GTX 660Ti Non-Reference - P9320 Marks

GTX 660Ti Non-Reference - X2916 Marks

Following are SLI benchmark results of the same GPU's running at their default factory clocked settings:

GTX 660Ti 2-WAY SLI - P15855Marks

GTX 660Ti 2-WAY SLI - X5556Marks

GTX 660Ti officially launches on 16th August for $299 and plus for factory overclocked models.