NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Gaming Performance Unveiled – Reaches HD 7950 level Performance for $299

TweakTown has finally posted its full review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti GPU which is yet to launch unveiling its impressive gaming performance at mid-$200 range.

The GTX 660Ti is made up of the GK104 core featuring 1344 Cores, 24 ROPs, a 192-bit wide memory interface with 2GB Vram with bandwidth of 144.2GB/s. Core clock runs at 915MHz stock and 980MHz boost while memory runs at the reference 6GHz effective speed.

It was pretty clear that the card would reach HD 7950 performance for a lower price range so now thanks to TweakTown we can confirm this bit that GTX 660Ti would be top performer of the mid-range segment thanks to its price range which is said to be $299 or less. Also the 660Ti comes with the same core of GTX 670, only with a degraded memory interface so performance deficiency is only 6-10% at most.

Following is the complete set of benchmarks taken in different games, 3DMark 11 score can be seen here.

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