Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 and GTX 560 to be Released Soon.

Nvidia recently released its new flagship graphics card "GTX 580" this week which is termed as the most fastest Dx11 Graphic Card on the Planet. The new card is based on the GF-110 Core which is a highly tweaked version of the GF-100 Core on which GTX 480 was built resulting in better performance while keeping thermal specs and power consumption low. Now Nvidia is planning to release new cards on the refined version of the core.

GTX 570 is said to be the upcoming GPU from Nvidia which will replace the GTX 470 and will be based on the same GF-110 Core. The card will include an extra 32-core streaming multiprocessor (SM) which will bring up the Cuda Core Count to 480 which is the same as GTX 480. This means the card will perform almost equal to a GTX 480 while being available at a lower price tag. The new Core will also result in better temps and much lower power consumption. Other sources also reveal that the card will be equipped with the same Vapor Chamber Cooler which is being used in the GTX 580 to help cool the card. The card is said to be released by the end of this year.

Another card which is likely to be available early next year is the GTX 560 which will replace the much successful GTx 460 GPU based on the GF-104 Core. The new GPU Core will be the GF-114 and will also be a refined version of the previous generation core. The GF-104 Core itself was a vast improvement over the GF-100 Core which resulted in much better performance while utilizing lower power and resulting in lower temps. Same would be with the new Core. All of the eight 48-core SMs will be enabled on the card which will provide 384 Cuda Cores as compared to the 336 of the GTX 460.

Nvidia seems to be tackling the AMD's Next Gen Cards by bringing in refined version of the Fermi Cores and GTX 580 has taken the tag of the Fastest Single Dx11 Card Yet. GTX 460 itself is doing quite good against the newer Barts Core based Cards. These new AMD cards will surely get a price drop and maybe that's the time Nvidia is waiting for to release its new Graphic Cards.


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