NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 Graphics Card Pictured & Benchmarked, On Sale For $70 US in Chinese Markets


Over a year has passed since NVIDIA revealed its newest extremely low-end graphics processor to the world. Today, photos have leaked on Twitter showing our first physical look at the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010 graphics card.

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The photos from HXL on Twitter show the graphics card with some noticeable features, such as the missing NVIDIA logo and modifications made to the card. The new images lead sources to believe that this is not an NVIDIA reference model but a modified Lenovo design that adapts to the Lenovo series OEM cooling technology.

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The GeForce GT 1010 shown does seem to offer the same display connectivity as the GT 1030 graphics cards, accomodating for analog VGA and HDMI connectors. Twitter account MEGAsizeGPU provided the Leadtek GT 1010 graphics card photos with dual HDMI connectors and provided the first GPU-Z and 3DMark data benchmarks.

The GeForce 1010 shares the same designs as the GeForce 10 series (Pascal) but houses an entry-level chipset—the GP108 SKU. The successor to the GT 710, the chip on the GT 1010 offers 256 CUDA cores with a base frequency of 1228 MHz and a boost clock of 1468 MHz. The graphics card also utilizes 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM running across a 64-bit bus interface. The new card offers a TDP of 30W and does not depend on any external power connectors. The GT 1010 also uses a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, identical to the RX 6500 XT graphics card.

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We reported earlier this month about NVIDA's plan to release the card in 2022 after over a year of waiting. As far as performance, the GeForce GT 1010 is about 35% slower in the Geekbench benchmark and much more than 3000% slower when compared to the flagship GeForce GTX 3090. Even though the performance levels are apparent, the card is weaker than integrated Iris Xe GPUs scoring over 13,000-14,000 points in identical benchmark tests.

The listing for the Lenovo GT1010 2GB GDDR5 HDMI VGA desktop computer graphics card (5V10W62717 SV11B65869) features:

  • Process: 14nm
  • Architecture: Pascal
  • Core: GP108
  • CUDA cores: 256
  • Frequency: 1228/1468 MHz
  • Bit: 64-bit
  • Power consumption: 30 W
  • Interface: HDMI+VGA

Currently, you can find the Lenovo GT 1010 on the Taobao online marketplace for a low cost of 450 RMB (around $70).

Source: Taobao, HXL, MEGAsizeGPU