NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series GTX 680, GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti Reach End-Of-Life

Hassan Mujtaba

NVIDIA launched their GeForce 600 series Kepler graphic cards a year ago which brought impressive efficiency and performance compared to the Fermi architecture. A year after their launch, NVIDIA has started to phase   out three of the GeForce 600 series top dogs, GTX 680/ GTX 670/ GTX 660Ti.

NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series Kepler Reaches EOL (End Of Life)

Sweclockers reports that NVIDIA's GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660 Ti are disappearing from markets globally and the only reason behind this is that the cards have now reached the end of their life or been EOL'd. So if you see any of these cards in a store shelve near you, they are most probably the last one of their kind. The GeForce 600 series was recently been replaced by the GeForce 700 series cards.

The GeForce 700 series cards which include the GeForce GTX 780, GeForce GTX 770 and GeForce GTX 760 offer much more enhanced performance and efficiency on the same 28nm Kepler architecture at an impressive price ranges of $249 "GeForce GTX 760" and $399 "GeForce GTX 770". The GeForce GTX 760 costs similar to the GTX 660 Ti but offers performance comparable to a GTX 670 while the GeForce GTX 770 comes at a $399 cost but packs enough power to outcast the GeForce GTX 680. The GeForce GTX 780 on the other hand may cost $649 but  its performance pits it in a whole different league with performance reaching almost on par with a $1000 GTX Titan and built on the same GK110 Kepler supercomputer architecture. NVIDIA has offered 700 series cards at such an competitive price range that the existence of GeForce 600 series doesn't matters.

Till 2014, NVIDIA won't release any new GeForce 700 series SKUs and would wait to see what AMD has to offer with their Next generation of Volcanic Islands series GPUs. If they turn out to be good then we may see some cost effective GK110 cards in the future. For now, NVIDIA has EOL'd a great series of GPUs "GeForce 600 series", it is also reported by Sweclockers that the GeForce GTX 690 could also be on its way to reach EOL soon but NVIDIA hasn't passed the notice yet.

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