NVIDIA G-Sync Technology Unveiled – An End To LAG, Stutter and Tearing For PC Gamers

Hassan Mujtaba

NVIDIA G-Sync, the new technology to end LAG, Stutter and Tearing in games as we know it has been unveiled by NVIDIA. With the help of a G-Sync Module and NVIDIA's Kepler graphics, all your games would run with less lag and virtually no stutter or tearing at all which is the probably the greatest news for PC gamers.

NVIDIA G-Sync Technology Unveiled - An End To LAG, Stutter and Tearing

The G-Sync technology would ship in several OEM made monitors and displays from ASUS, BenQ, Viewsonic and Philips. The new monitors that would ship with a specific G-Sync module that would be fused inside the monitors which would deliver much more responsive gaming performance without any kind of LAG, Stutter and Tearing. What the G-Sync modules does is let the Kepler graphics card handle the monitor timing instead of the monitor controlling it. Just like Tom Petersen of NVIDIA said ' Gamers would now be able to experience buttery smooth gameplay'.

AMD has faced several problems with their Radeon HD 7000 series with frame pacing and stuttering which was partially fixed with the Catalyst 13.10 drivers that shipped a few months back. NVIDIA G-Sync Technology would help gamers with GeForce Kepler graphic cards (GeForce 600 series and up) and G-Sync module enabled monitors to get rid of these problems and deliver a seamless gaming experience to gamers. A close-up of NVIDIA's G-Sync module can be seen in the following picture which is courtesy of Engadget:

With standard LCD monitors gamers are forced to choose between a tear-free experience by enabling Vsync or playing a game with the substantial visual anomolies in order to get the best and most efficient frame rates.  G-Sync changes that by allowing a monitor to display refresh rates other than 60 Hz, 120 Hz or 144 Hz, etc. without the horizontal tearing normally associated with turning off Vsync.  Essentially, G-Sync allows a properly equiped monitor to run at a variable refresh rate which will improve the experience of gaming in interesting ways. PCPer

The NVIDIA G-Sync technology is a revolution for PC gamers and three of the gaming industry's greatest developers of all time, ID 'John Carmack', DICE 'John Andersson' and Epic Games 'Mark Rein' support the technology and came on stage to talk about the new G-Sync technology and how it would help alleviate PC gaming.

NVIDIA showed a demonstration of the G-Sync technology at the event and it is something that has to be seen in person to get an idea about how awesome the tech is. We will post the video in this article after the event is over




NVIDIA G-Sync Module High Resolution:

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