Nvidia’s Entire 900 Series GPU Lineup Gets Price Cuts For The Holidays – Including The GTX 980 Ti, 980, 970, 960 And 950

Nvidia's entire family of 900 series GeForce GTX cards have received some pretty hefty price cuts just in time for the holidays. This is the first round of significant price cuts that we've seen on Nvidia graphics cards since the introduction of the GeForce 900 series back in late 2014.

The good news is that no matter what Nvidia GeForce GTX 900 series card you have your sights set on you will find a compelling deal for it. So if you're looking to grab an Nvidia graphics card in the next little while prepare to get your wallet out, because there are some seriously great deals out there right now.

More Bang For The Buck At Every Price Point

Now let's get into the price cuts, starting off from the top and trickling down. Below you'll find a list of each card which includes the original MSRP for reference and the the lowest price available right now in USD, with & without rebates. You will also find all the relative links to the product listing on newegg.com.

GTX 980 Ti
Original MSRP : $649
Down To $589, $559 After Rebate

The GTX 980 Ti is Nvidia's second fastest single-GPU graphics card yet after the Titan X and for all intents and purposes Nvidia's fastest single-GPU graphics card any reasonable person should consider. This 2816 CUDA core GeForce card first debuted back in the summer for $649 and immediately rose to fame, primarily because it accomplished something quite remarkable. It rendered Nvidia's own Titan X obsolete, thanks to offering the same level of performance for a price tag that's $350 lighter on the wallet. Unless you're mad enough to drop a thousand dollars on a Titan X for a couple of extra percentage points of performance, the 980 Ti should be the card to consider .

The GTX 980 Ti remains as popular as ever and today you could grab it for $559 after a $30 rebate from MSI or $579 after a $20 from EVGA.

GTX 980
Original MSRP : $499
Down To $439, $409 After Rebate

The GTX 980 first debuted back in September of last year for $549. It was the fastest 900 series single GPU offering from Nvidia at the time and it continued to hold that crown until Nvidia introduced the more expensive cards based on the larger GM200 GPU earlier this year. At which point Nvidia found it necessary to drop the price down to $499. The GTX 980 while not as fast as the 980 Ti is still a great performer and with a price tag that's $140 below what it initially launched at it makes it a compelling proposition.
You can grab it for $409 after a $30 rebate from MSI. With two additional offerings at $449 from EVGA $449 after a $20 rebate from Gigabyte.

GTX 970
Original MSRP : $329
Down To $289, $259 After Rebate

The GTX 970 is still one of Nvidia's most popular graphics cards & by far one of Nvidia's best selling. The GTX 970 first launched back in September of last year at $329 and iis still a good performer at that price point today. Despite the fair share of controversy which surrounded this graphics card earlier this year owing to its unconventionally segmented 3.5GB + 0.5GB graphics memory and a number of inaccurate specifications which Nvidia had published for the card which the company had to go back and correct later-on, the GTX 970 is still a decent contender.

You can grab it for as low as $259 from MSI after a $30 rebate or $269 after a $20 rebate from Asus.


GTX 960
Original MSRP : $199
Down To $179, $149 After Rebate

The GTX 960 is Nvidia's midrange offering. The card debuted for $199 earlier this year and offered a good choice for most games at 1920x1080. Featuring the GM206 Maxwell GPU and 1024 CUDA cores the GTX 960 represents exactly half what the GM204 GPU inside the GTX 980 is and while that might not seem like much, be reminded that the GTX 980 is a capable graphics card. And even with half GM204's resources the GTX 960 can still deliver enough grunt for an enjoyable experience at 1920x1080.

You can grab the GTX 960 for as low as $149 after a $30 rebate from both MSI and Asus.


GTX 950
Original MSRP : $159
Down To $139 & $129 After Rebate

The GTX 950 is Nvidia's entry level 900 series Maxwell based graphics card. Based on the same GM206 GPU as the GTX 960 with two SMX units disabled lands us at 768 CUDA cores. Which is just enough to provide PC users with Playstation 4 level of graphics performance in a small and affordable package that can convert a regular office desktop to a capable gaming system.

The GTX 950 can be had for as low as $129 after a $20 rebate from EVGA.

Finally if you're an AMD fan and you've got the itch to grab a new graphics card worry not, we've compiled the best Radeon graphics card deals out there in a similar article that we published yesterday. So if you haven't checked it out you will probably want as there are some fantastic deals going right now for you to take advantage of. Happy shopping!


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