Exclusive: The Nvidia and AMD DirectX 12 Editorial – Complete DX12 Graphic Card List with Specifications, Asynchronous Shaders and Hardware Features Explained


AMD Radeon DirectX 12 Graphic Cards List and Supported Features

AMD_DirectX 12_Top Feature

ModelGPUStream ProcessorsTMUROPArchitectureResource Binding LevelConservative RasterizationTiled ResourcesRaster Order ViewsTyped UAV FormatsDirectX 12 Feature LevelQueue Engines (Graphics/Compute)
Radeon HD 7730Cape Verde LE384248GCN 1.0301No111_11/8
Radeon HD 7750Cape Verde PRO5123216GCN 1.0301No111_11/8
Radeon HD 7770Cape Verde XT6404016GCN 1.0301No111_11/8
Radeon HD 7790Bonaire XT8965626GCN 1.1302No212_01/16
Radeon HD 7850Pitcairn PRO10246432GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon HD 7870Pitcairn XT12808032GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon HD 7870 XTTahiti LE15369632GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon HD 7950Tahiti Pro179211232GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon HD 7970Tahiti XT204812832GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon HD 7990Tahiti XT x22048 x2128 x232 x2GCN 1.0301No111_11/16 x2
Radeon R7 240Oland Pro 320208GCN 1.1301No112_01/8
Radeon R7 250Oland XT384248GCN 1.1301No112_01/8
Radeon R7 260Bonaire PRO7684816GCN 1.1302No212_01/16
Radeon R7 260XBonaire XT8965616GCN 1.1302No212_01/16
Radeon R7 265Curacao PRO10246432GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 270XCuracao XT12808032GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 280Tahiti PRO179211232GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 280XTahiti XT2/XTL204812832GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 285Tonga PRO179211232GCN 1.2302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 290Hawaii PRO256016064GCN 1.1302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 290XHawaii XT281617664GCN 1.1302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 295X2Vesuvius2816 x2176 x264 x2GCN 1.1302No212_01/64 x2
Radeon R7 360Tobago7684816GCN 1.1302No212_01/16
Radeon R7 370Trinidad Pro10246432GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 370XTrinidad XT12808032GCN 1.0301No111_11/16
Radeon R9 380Antigua179211232GCN 1.2302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 390Grenada Pro256016064GCN 1.1302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 390XGrenada XT281617664GCN 1.1302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 FuryFiji PRO358422464GCN 1.2302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 Fury XFiji XT409625664GCN 1.2302No212_01/64
Radeon R9 NanoFiji XT409625664GCN 1.2302No212_01/64

AMD DX12 Graphic Cards List Notes:

  • AMD has a total of 31 base models compatible with DX12 API.
  • Use the horizontal slider to view the complete feature specifications including the various hardware features and the respective Queue Engines (Asynchronous Shaders in Mixed Mode) of the GPUs.
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