Leaked Internal Verizon Document Reveals Motorola Droid Pro Will Sell For $180, Droid 2 Global And Samsung Continuum Will Be $200


A leaked internal Verizon pricelist has ended up with Engadget, showing the prices for a few upcoming upcoming devices, namely the Motorola Droid Pro, and the as-yet-unofficial Droid 2 Global and Samsung Continuum.

This price list confirms that the Droid Pro will sell for $179 when it goes on sale on November 9th, lower than the originally expected $299.

The dual-display Samsung Continuum Galaxy S phone wil retail for $199, while the Droid 2 dropped in price to $149 last week as the company gears up for release of the Droid 2 Global; that phone also retails at $199. Premature reports indicate 11th as the release date for the HTC Merge, but newer reports say it won't arrive until after the 17th. Heads up for the holidays then.