Note 10’s Display Panel Will Serve As A Speaker Diaphragm Says Tipster

Galaxy Note 10 four models different screen sizes

Rumors for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 are picking up the pace at which they surface as we head closer to the device's launch. It's starting to look as if Samsung will launch two variants of the Note 10, and these will be differentiated through their displays. Speaking of which, we've got a new report today that claims Samsung will use the Note 10 lineup's displays to generate sound, similar to LG's approach with the G8. Take a look below for more details.

Tipster Claims Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Will Feature 'Sound-on-Display' Allowing The Gadget's Display Panels To Act As Speakers

Today we've got a tip from Ice_Universe and the tipster is claiming that the Galaxy Note 10 will feature something dubbed 'Sound-on-Display'. This technology will allow the device's display to act as a diaphragm and thus enable it to generate sound. Such a display first featured on the LG G8 earlier this year, and the company was eager to remind everyone about it at the Mobile World Congress.

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On the LG G8, the display acts as an amplifier to aid the smartphone's primary speakers. According to Ice, Samsung's decision to reduce the Note 10's chin height will limit the space that's available for the device's speakers. As a result, Samsung will use a Sound-On display on the phablet.

Sound on display

However, Ice_Universe also claims that the unique display on the Note 10 will replace the device's loudspeakers. This is a big claim, and unless we receive corroboration for it, it's advised that you take the information with a grain of salt. There's no word from the supply chain for such a display panel being developed by Samsung. Additionally, it might not be necessary for the company to make changes to its latest DPSS laser-drilled display panels to make them act as diaphrams.

Samsung is rumored to launch two Note 10 variants, and we're still having trouble wrapping our heads around the 'why' of this decision. Unlike the Galaxy S lineup, the Note lineup has a narrower customer base. From the surface, we'd imagine that Samsung wants to sell more devices and attract consumers who love smaller displays but want a stylus to go with their gadgets. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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