Links Found To North Korean Goverment In Sony Pictures Hack – Hackers Also Make Threats Of Violence

The Sony picture hacking, which uncovered a conspiracy of its own has taken an interesting development. Recently, a group of hackers calling themselves GOP, hacked Sony Pictures and managed to siphon off hundreds of gigabytes of data. This included confidential information about celebrities, high-definition prints of several movies, including some that are due to be released next year, emails and employee information.

The story took an interesting turn when several emails analyzed by The Verge described a project codenamed as Project: Goliath. According to Project Goliath, six major Hollywood Studios and the MPAA allegedly created a fund to take down 'Goliath', that is being speculated to be Google. To take a better look at how the studios manage to achieve that, click here. The Sony Pictures hack just got an interesting twist added to it however. American Intelligence officials are now claiming that GOP is being backed by North Korea.

o-THE-INTERVIEW-TRAILER-facebookNorth Korea Behind Sony Pictures Hack - Claim U.S Government Sources.

Late Wednesday night NBC reported that US government sources believe that the perpetrators behind the Sony Pictures hack are being backed by North Korea. Intelligence officials believe that the attack was carried out from outside the country, but several links exist that end up directly involving the North Korean government.

Further credibility is added to this claim after theaters that were supposed to screen the motion picture 'The Interview' started receiving threats of terrorism from the hacker group. The Interview which is the brainchild of comedy duo Seth Rogen and James Franco is involved around the fictional assassination of North Korea's leader, Kim-Jong Un.

What was a corporate security matter before, quickly escalated into a national security matter once the threats were made. Sony was quick to cancel theatrical screening of the movie, and US officials started rigorous investigations in the matter. What remains to be seen is how the government is going to respond to these attacks. We'll keep you updated as this develops.



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