Non-Reference Radeon HD7950 PCB Exposed, Features Six Mini Display Ports to allow 6 Screen Eyefinity Display

A Non-Reference Radeon HD7950 PCB has been spotted over at which features six mini-display outputs which would run upto 6 Monitors through AMD Eyefinity. The PCB could be under development from an AMD AIB partner (name not yet disclosed).

AMD has also released a graphic card in the past which featured 6 display outputs - HD5870 Eyefinity 6, That card  could support a max resolution of 15360 × 9600 on six displays and due to this the memory buffer was increased to 2GB to offer smoother frame rates on extremely high resolutions.

The HD7950 has a decent 3GB 384-bit wide memory buffer which could easily afford the cost of running games on super high resolutions with its new Tahiti Core based on the GCN Architecture and Eyefinity 2.0 support. From the PCB we could see that each display port is coupled with two transistors to filter out specific signal frequencies.  A silver wire separates the power supply and signal output part of the PCB to reduce electromagnetic noise interference.

We could also see a custom designed power and VRM area unfortunately it has been blurred out, Hopefully we would see more details on the card soon. Release date is not known.

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