Nom Nom Galaxy, Amusing 2D Sandbox Game, Now Available on PC

A very interesting, and quite alluring, 2D take on the sandbox genre is being released out of Early Access on the PC today. Nom Nom Galaxy lets you build an interstellar soup empire to compete against shameless rival corporations to help provide the citizens of the galaxy the delicious soup they need.

Nom Nom Galaxy mixes up the base-building, tower defense and sandbox genres by stirring in something completely different.

Just like in the real-universe, in Nom Nom Galaxy aliens all over space demand delicious soups and evil big soup corporations will stop at nothing to increase their production market share on each planet. To feed the hungry masses and restore ethics to the industry, players build a galactic soup empire. Who doesn't enjoy a savory soup now and then?

Nom Nom Galaxy begins with the exploration of dangerous planets in distant solar systems. Players choose a location on each world to build their soup factory and begin construction of all the necessary parts. Finally players must find, as well as sometimes violently compete for, tasty ingredients to prepare their delicious soupy concoctions, then they must begin production, protecting their assets from rivals.

You can explore massive planets across a large cosmos, defend your resources from vicious rivals, conquer alien worlds in pursuit of the perfect soup recipe, enjoy more than 20 game changing items from weapons to robot minions, build and destroy unique planets and even gain valuable experience in the intergalactic soup trade. You never know when first contact might increase the demand for soup.

Nom Nom Galaxy was released to Early Access on March 2014, but has now officially been launched. It can be purchased for $9.99 on Steam, but is 20% off during launch week and is available now for $7.99. It is also available through the PlayStation Network for $14.99.



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