Nokia introduces a new font called Nokia Pure

Ammar Malik

Mergers between big companies is never done overnight. I suppose the merger between Microsoft and Nokia too is going to take a while. And with Symbian and Meego going no where, there seems to be a lot of people at Nokia who have absolutely nothing to do for the time being, expect for maybe coming up with new fonts. According to Nokia, the Nokia Pure font is pretty much going to be the face font of Nokia, replacing the old Nokia Sans font. The idea according to them is so revolutionary they wrote a whole blog post telling us how this new font is more "human" and how it "creates a sense of harmony" and how it will improve the over all user experience. Yes, we all know the major problem with Symbian's UI which eventually lead to its demise was the font it uses.

Also, one cant help but wonder how strikingly similar the font is to the one used in Windows Phone 7. So maybe this is Nokia paying Microsoft a compliment? One advice to Nokia though, please keep this font to the remaining batches of Symbian phones, we love Windows Phone 7 as it is.

Source: Nokia

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