Nokia announces 808 PureView; the mother of all camera phones


There was a buzz going around whether Nokia will announce a N8 successor in the on going MWC. While N8 is still undisputed in the camera department, it has become a little long in the tooth and a true successor was needed. Enter 808 PureView. Let's start with the basics. It runs Symbian Belle out of the box, has a 1.3Ghz single core CPU, 4-inch display with nHD resolution, 512MB RAM with 16GB internal storage with microSD support for expansion. It's a global phone thanks to its pentaband modem and supports HSPA 14.4Mbps.

Let's get down to what really makes this phone stand poles apart from the competition. Yes, its the presence of the tried and tested Carl Zeiss optics which is now capable of taking pictures up to 41MP in 4:3 and 34MP in 16:9. Now we know mega pixels isn't everything but you can bet your bottom dollar this will wipe the floor with the competition when it comes to image quality. The phone is expected to launch in May with a €450 price tag.

Camera Specs

• Focal length: 8.02mm
• 35mm equivalent focal length: 26mm, 16:9 | 28mm, 4:3
• F-number: f/2.4
• Focus range: 15cm – Infinity (throughout the zoom range)
• Construction:
· 5 elements, 1 group.All lens surfaces are aspherical
· One high-index, low-dispersion glass mould lens
· Mechanical shutter with neutral density filter
• Optical format: 1/1.2”
• Total number of pixels: 7728 x 5368
• Pixel Size: 1.4 microns