Noctua Steps Things Up With New Chromax Upgrades

I've seen and heard the comment on every Noctua product I've ever reviewed "Sure it performs great but it's so UGLY".  Chances are you've either said it or had a friend say it too.  I was hyper critical of their look too so I get it.  That beige/brown combination isn't exactly easy on the eyes and is often hard to work into an aesthetic design of a build.  Problem is a lot of us have accepted the color and just dealt with it because of the excellent product as a whole.

Looks like Noctua has been taking notes, quite a few actually.  There has been, for some time, the argument that Industrial and Redux models of the fans were available.  Giving you the option of a Black/Brown or a Silver/Gray fan design, but with often some strange characteristic changes from the traditional fans they offered.  Later offering their initial Chromax colored anti-vibration pads, and now introducing full on Chromax Upgrades.

“Noctua is an engineering-driven company: we pride ourselves on relentlessly tuning our products for maximum performance and quality rather than putting form before function, but of course we understand that many customers put an emphasis on build aesthetics these days,” explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “With the new chromax line fans, cables and heatsink covers, we now offer a range of products that’s ideal for those who care about looks just as much as about quality and performance.”

Noctua’s new chromax line NA-SEC1 extension cable and NA-SYC1 y-cable sets enable users to take one step further in color-customising their fans: available with red, blue, green, yellow, black and white sleeving, the cables allow a PC build to be color-coordinated down to the smallest detail and are an ideal match for the new edition fans. While the NA-EC1 30cm extension cables provide extra reach in larger enclosures, the NA-YC1 y-cables make it possible to run two 4-pin PWM fans on a single fan header and to let the motherboard control the speed of both fans simultaneously.



The new NA-HC heatsink covers are add-on accessories for Noctua’s award-winning NH-U12S and NH-D15(S) series CPU coolers. Made from high-quality, powder-coated aluminium and available in black (, white (chromax.white) and black with swappable inlays in black, white, red, blue, green and yellow (, they allow users to color-customize their coolers in order to coordinate them with popular build color schemes such as all-black, black and white or black and red. Thanks to the easy, straightforward installation, changing the looks of a Noctua cooler only takes a few minutes and doesn’t even require taking it off the CPU. Combined with the new edition fans, the NA-HC covers give users endless possibilities to design their very own, individual Noctua coolers that look just as great as they cool!



Prices and availability
All products are currently shipping and will be available shortly. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows:
NF-A15 HS-PWM EUR 26.90/USD 26.90
NF-A14 PWM EUR 24.90/USD 24.90
NF-F12 PWM EUR 22.90/USD 22.90
NF-S12A PWM EUR 22.90/USD 22.90
NA-HC1 EUR 19.90/USD 19.90
NA-HC2 EUR 19.90/USD 19.90
NA-HC2 chromax.white: EUR 19.90/USD 19.90
NA-HC3 EUR 29.90/USD 29.90
NA-HC4 EUR 29.90/USD 29.90
NA-HC4 chromax.white: EUR 29.90/USD 29.90
NA-SEC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SEC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SEC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SEC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SEC1 chromax.white: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SEC1 chromax.yellow: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 chromax.white: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90
NA-SYC1 chromax.yellow: EUR 9.90/USD 9.90

News Source: Noctua

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