Noctua Has a New A-Series of Chassis Fans That Thoroughly Improve Airflow and Minimizes Vibration


Under normal circumstances, the last thing you would expect being covered here were chassis fans, but we believe that they happen to be one of the most underrated additions to computer systems. They help to maintain decent temperatures of the computer by dissipating hot air continuously, and if you manage to pick a decent color combination, they do a very good job of maximizing the aesthetic score of the entire build. In comes Noctua at the Computex 2017 trade show with its latest 120mm A-Series of fans coupled with other coolers and there are certain reasons why these fans are being talked about.

Additional Blades and Newer Materials From the Noctua A-Series Fans Improves Airflow, Fan Lifespan and Reduces Chassis Vibration to a Huge Extent

According to information obtained by Tom’s Hardware, (images via TechPowerUp) the new A-Series of 120mm fans from Noctua feature impellers made from a liquid crystal polymer (LCP). In case you’re unfamiliar with this, it is commonly used in high-end medical and military applications such as combat helmets, bulletproof vests, and other types of body armor.

Noctua Intros LGA1700 Compatible NH-L9i & NH-L9i Chromax CPU Coolers

According to the company, LCP possesses a unique set of properties that perform very well in harsh environments due to their high tensile strength, stiffness, and rigidity. In other words, Noctua has made chassis fans that are built to last, but as you will read on, you will realize the price to make high lifespan 120mm fans.

There is also another important fact about the Noctua 120mm A-series fan; it has an extremely tight 0.5mm tip clearance that calls for stricter tolerances, minimal fan vibration, and little to no fan creep due to centrifugal forces.

As you can see in the images, Noctua did not leave any system builders guessing, especially those which have smaller volumes because the company has also introduced low-profile coolers that are compatible with both Intel and AMD motherboards.

The A-Series of 120mm fans will set the user back $30 a piece, but looking at the quality of materials and their airflow performance, we expect that you will want to make the investment later down the road.