No Man’s Sky Gets New Leaked Gameplay Video, Shows Plenty Of Different Planets

Francesco De Meo
No Man's Sky

There's been a lot of No Man's Sky lately, thanks to a lucky player who has managed to get an early copy of the anticipated title developed by Hello Games. A few hours ago, however, it's been confirmed that another lucky No Man's Sky fan managed to snatch an early copy of the game as well, with a new gameplay video surfacing online.

The new No Man's Sky leaked gameplay video is over one hour long, and showcases plenty of action, planets and more. The video includes some spoilers, so avoid watching it in full if you want to be surprised by the game when it launches next week.

If you cannot watch the video, you can also check out a summary of what is shown in it put together by reddit user Blazur, complete with some screencaps. The summary includes full spoilers, so beware.

[spoiler] User is currently on a cold planet digging into the ground. It appears to be his starting planet. Other notable things from the video:
Interacting with some plants restores health.
Starting planet name = Nifimobyci Inbai
Fall damage confirmed.
You can use the jetpack to scale walls with minimal expense to cooldown, almost indefinitely.
Mushrooms on the planet, and more biolumenescance at night.
Euclid galaxy confirmed.
Separate sensitivity for look and flight.
User flew to a 2nd planet in the same system which is radioactive and seemingly no fauna.
Inside an alien building you can spend resources to read an encyclopedia to learn an alien word (rare, in this case).
Interacting with a Korvax in space station:
Well known by now, but you can interact with terminals in space stations and alien outpost to buy or sell items from our suit/ship.
That yellow cube we've seen restores your shield. Red cubes restore health.
Alien outposts have spotlights at night. Edit: May have been sentinel drones.
It seems that in addition to flora and fauna you can scan and possible rename mineral deposits and/or rocks.
User solved a math puzzle inside an alien outpost to encrypt a distress call and discover its location.
Can't interact with alien when inventory is full. May only be a restriction if an item is meant to be given to the player.
Interacting with a crashed ship:
Analyze data log:
A moose!
Trade screen:
Cargo drops all over the place near buildings with caches of resources.
Signal scanner, which required a bypass chip to activate:
Some wall panels at deserted outposts allow you to increase standing with a race after spending resources.
First warp!
Rename and upload:
I don't care what the haters say, this game is pure sex for the imagination. The number of zany plants being shown in just this short demo is amazing.

I don't care what the haters say, this game is pure sex for the imagination. The number of zany plants being shown in just this short demo is amazing. [/spoiler]

No Man's Sky launches next week on PC and PlayStation 4 in all regions.

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